The concept of this website, The Survival Station, came about only as a way of sharing Charles Pierce’s life story as a way of keeping the World War II Holocaust at the forefront of people’s minds so that we might build a better, kinder, more secure and loving world; to keep such inhumanity from happening. Nevertheless, as we thought about Charles surviving six horrifying years as a Nazi slave, it occurred to us that we (all living things) are in the process of surviving.

     Historically when we think of survival itself we think in terms of flight or fight. However, there are some circumstances where neither is possible. Certainly Charles’ could not do either as a prisoner in a concentration camp—to take flight or fight would mean certain death. Thus there had to be a greater law of surviving at work; something, if you will, of the human spirit.

     Certainly no one knows despair more than Charles who had to keep going day after day in an arena of death and suffering, of torture and torment. He survived and our message to you is that you can too…indeed, you can survive and succeed. In fact, in our virtual survival station we have a sign that reads:

We are victims or victors by our own choices but this does not mean that we are stuck in some quagmire of defeat, only that we can decide to rise above our circumstances if we so choose.

     We hope that our material will serve to make that rise easier or, in the very least, serve as inspirational food for thought. In the meanwhile, we wish you love, joy happiness and a safe and prosperous journey all along your way.