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The LoveBug was formed to educate people on the truisms of love and relationships.


Hello—welcome to the family of Lovebugs where we are dedicated to greater family unity and loving, lasting relationships. We are a philosophical group believing that creating a happier, more secure, kinder and loving world begins with the individual—that’s you and me—and that love in the home expands to the community and from the community into the society and from society to making positive changes in the world.

We are absolutely not a holier-than-thou, self-righteous kind of group but rather a collection of individuals who have a love philosophy that we want to share with others and have those others share with their friends and other strangers. Can you imagine a world that lacks racism, sexism and other unloving prejudices, where families stay together, there’s a rekindling of community spirit, and where all cultures become neighbors and friends? It is part of our vision to be a motivational and inspirational influence on people to strive for these loving goals and to one day stop man’s inhumanity to man.

These ideas and goals are founded by Charles Pierce who, at the writing of this material, is 90 years old; a man who was a slave of the Nazis for six horrifying years (1939-1945) and both endured and witnessed the most inhumane experiences of modern times. Through it all, Charles refused to hate and chose the power of love to survive such unimaginable cruelty.

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