DIN is one of the most fascinating World War II stories to come along in decades and is based on a true story that has virtually been kept a secret from the world since 1945. It is the tale of a small group of ex-war prisoners seeking to avenge the Nazis for their inhumane torturing and murdering of millions during the war years. If you are a history buff or just enjoy raw, bold human adventure, this story of love, hate and revenge is a must read for you.

Short synopsis

DIN begins at the start of World War II telling the story of how a family becomes swept up in the horrors of Nazi aggressions. Then, after six long years of imprisonment in concentration camps and surviving those horrors, our major character, Gabe (based on interviews with the living survivor who actually experienced our story) becomes torn between his love for a lady and his opportunity to revenge select Nazi officers for their unforgivable war crimes. This armchair, fast-paced reader tells the story that has virtually never been told and promises to keep you on the edge of your seat until you reach the dramatic and surprising end.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

We had him. There he was sitting on the wooden chair in the center of the room, naked and helpless. He no longer had a pompous, pious look on his face but after all, he was a predator suddenly turned prey. We spit in his face, slammed the door on his fingers and in the end cut off his genitals leaving him to bleed to death.


This was only one night of many nights of vengeance. I will be telling you everything as my pledge of secrecy is long past but first, my side of the story.....

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