Among our goals at The Survival Station are the major quests of being intrinsic in creating happier, more positive and productive lives for individuals while creating greater social harmony among societies and cultures. We begin with the hope of wisely directing people through their challenges and hard times no matter if those “challenges” are day to day hardships, money problems, difficulties in relationships, coping with loss or just feeling more lost than found. It is extremely important, however, for anyone seeking to share with us to know that we ARE NOT psychologists or psychiatrists. Thus if you have deeply rooted mental problems or dangerous depressions you should seek medical help from appropriate doctors. We are a philosophical group and our counseling is philosophical which demands that those who take an active interest in following any advise that we might give and/or becomes a student of our philosophical schools of thought, must be in at least average, good mental health. We accept no responsibility of any advice we may give.