The documentary of Charles Pierce.

B-1719 is now available for purchase. This is the documentary of Charles Pierce, a holocaust survivor of Nazi Germany. A one-hour documentary that will open your eyes to tolerance, forgiveness and love. A most incredible story of human triumph told by a survivor of World War II’s Holocaust, Charles Pierce, a man that spent six truly horrifying and torturous years (1939-1945) as a Nazi prisoner. What makes this story so unique, however, is that after those hellish experiences were over; even after the murder of his own parents, you will witness Charles' devotion and determination to rebuild his life free from regret, anger or revenge. He traveled to schools and other venues sharing his story of the Holocaust, tolerance and love. This is what makes our documentary most memorable to the viewer; it’s an experience touching the heart and mind. Charles passed away on October 10, 2012 but his story will live forever.  

The DVD also has special features with beautiful original music. There is a slide show of Charles' family, past and present. There is an interview with Mark, his son, and John Baillie which tells more about Charles' experiences during the war. There are a few maps showing the locations of the concentration camps and the route of the Nazis during the war. Finally, there is a most moving story, told by a young 13 year old girl of how Charles touched her life during one of his visits to her school. We are proud to say, our documentary is the winner of a 2013 Telly Award and a 2014 International Independent Film Award.

The last 6 years of Charles' life was spent talking to high schools and other venues, telling his story of survival, forgiveness and love. This documentary will move you in ways you never thought possible. Buy one now by clicking on the BUY NOW button below.

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Award Winning Documentary - "B-1719"


Two of the most memorable days in my life are when we handed my Dad, Charles Pierce, his first copy of his autobiography, "THE ART OF SURVIVAL" and second was when he got to see his completed documentary, "B-1719," just one month before he passed away. The documentary is permanently in the library of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. I am so proud and grateful to all that worked on the documentary. Thank you Shane Davis, Mike de Martino, Tracy Lehr, Jack Marlando and my mom, Libby Pierce.

We are excited to announce that our award winning documentary B-1719 was chosen to be shown at the Ojai Film Festival in Ojai, Ca.