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Andrea Alfred (andreaalfred19@yahoo.com)
Date:Tue 16 Apr 2013 03:10:26 AM EDT
Subject:email Shoah foundation

After seeing your film tonight, I was very moved and also disappointed to find that it has not at this time been accepted for inclusion in the Spielberg Shoah Memorial archives. I would urge anyone who feels the same to email them and ask that it be included. Enough public requests should change their minds; this definitely belongs there.

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Paul (rivas426@hotmail.com)
Date:Mon 30 Jan 2012 04:15:49 PM EST
Subject:class speaker

Hi I was at one of speaking. iam a student in the jobculb in ventura.
I just want to say thank you for your time. It helps me get on with my day knowing that i can and will survive. What you had read is very inspiring to me to keep trying . I hope you can show the world to be kind and to live as one. Once again thank you.

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Libby and Charles Pierce (LibbyCharles44@netzero.net)
Date:Sun 19 Sep 2010 12:46:50 PM EDT
Subject:The Art of Survival

We want to say thank you to all who purchased our book. We feel we have a very important message and that, you, who have read our story,will help to pass this message on. It is so important that we love each other so that "love will conquer all" and the hatred in this world will disappear.

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Jerry White (jerry@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 18 Sep 2010 06:37:46 PM EDT

Congratulations on your new website. Thank you for helping survivors.

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